Freebify Premium Ecommerce Blogger Template For Free

Barka Da Dawowa tips24 gidan blogging a yau nazo muku da wani Template wanda zai kayatar da blog naku tamkar wordpress wannan template yana da abubuwa masu kayatarwa sosai da sosai wanda zanyi kokari in lissafo muku Feautures nasu a Kasa. 

Kafin na Baku wannan Download Link din Zanso Na sanar daku cewa wannan Theme Din yana Aiki ne a Blogger Kadai banda Wordpress band Wix Saboda Haka Wannan Na Masu Blogger ne kadai. 
Sannan Kuma Shi wannan Template din ECOMMERCE TEMPLATE ne idan Akace ecommerce template wato template ne da zai baka damar hada Blog na saya da Sayarwa wato ecommerce a turance amma Dukda haka zaka iya amfani dashi ta hanyarda kakeso kamar tech blog news blog da sauransu. 
Ga feautures nashi kamar haka:-
  • Saurin loading
  • Navigation masu sauki
  • Up and Down button
  • Seo friendly ne
  • Unlimited pages 
  • Shortcode
  • Sitemap widget
  • Social media widget
  • Well documentation
  • Akoi search box 
  • Sannan an cire masa footer creedit
Zaku iya Sauke wannan Template din a kasa zaku iya Dubashi a Demo. 

Freebify Premium Ecommerce Blogger Template For Free Freebify Premium Ecommerce Blogger Template For Free Reviewed by Tips24 on August 03, 2020 Rating: 5


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